Joe Rogan Reveals Dangerous Outcomes of LA Shutdown

Los Angeles is in lockdown, just like other major cities of United States.  According to Joe Rogan the lockdown has negative outcomes like increase in poverty and lack of food. There will be shortage of compulsory goods in LA because of lockdown.

Almost 40 million people live in the state of California. Rogan strongly believes that lockdown will affect everyone. Institutions, businesses and individuals all will face serious consequences. Joe Rogan explained that the situation is getting worse.

Joe Rogan briefly discussed current affairs on his extremely popular Podcast,  Joe Rogan Experience. Retired Navy SEAL Andy Stumpf also shared his insights on the Podcast.

Rogan Said: “My concern is that these decisions are being made by politicians and that they want to do this so they can be re-elected. They don’t want people to be upset at them for not acting.” Joe Rogan is concerned about people who live pay check to pay check.

They cannot survive in the lockdown situation.