Jake Paul Buys $100,000 “emergency response vehicle”

YouTube star Jake Paul is known for buying crazy things. He recently bought a massive “emergency response vehicle.” The jeep is not normal. It has many upgrades on it. Jake Paul is car fanatic. He has $300,000 Lamborghini and now $100,000 jeep.

Jake Paul won his first boxing match against AnEsonGib and made good money. After the match he said in an interview that he will invest in more “depreciating assets.” Therefore, he purchased $100,000 mega jeep. The jeep can drive over cars. It can destroy all kinds of barriers on the roads.

Jake Paul new jeep is a beast. It is actually 1947 Willys Jeep. It has an engine block with four 54 inch tires. The jeep has 815 horsepower engine.

“So I ordered a Zombie apocalypse vehicle off of eBay and it’s arriving right now,” he said. “a giant off-road vehicle that could handle anything and drive over cars,” he added.